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Here's what clients are saying!

"I purchased a 4 session series to start with Chelsea. I originally went in to see her to discuss help with weight loss. The amount of things that got poured out of me during my sessions were SO MUCH more than that though. She guided me down the path to healing several issues I've been keeping inside for years. She's kind and caring and just overall someone who makes you feel comfortable talking to them. I never felt weird, crazy, judged, or misunderstood etc by her at all like with some traditional therapists. And if she did go down a path that I didn't feel like was really me, she was always ready to change direction without missing a beat. She really talks you through what you are feeling, why you are possibly feeling it and how to let go and move on. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has thought about trying something like this. I was new to hypnosis, tapping, & intuitive healing but I'm so thrilled I took the chance. It has truly changed my life!

Catherine K.

"Highly Recommend! Chelsey and I did a session together before I had a big presentation at a Wellness Event in Nashville and it was immensely helpful- my event went even better than any I had done previouslyand I am forever grateful. I tell everyone about what she does and how it helped my fear of public speaking. Cannot wait to see what we work on next!"

Kaitlin T.

"Chelsey is a gifted naturally empathic hypnotist. I sought her help for increased concentration and increasing my ability to learn. Using her natural abilities, she quickly determined what the true nature of what I needed, which was not what I originally asked.

I am lucky to have sought Chelsey's assistance. She is trained in several adjunctive therapies and blends these into her own unique style of helping people achieve their goals & overcome their presenting problems.

In just one session with Chelsey, I overcame my doubts and sealed my positive changes through a night of vivid dreams affirming my future success. I highly recommend Chelsey as a gifted hypnotist who can help make your dreams come true!"

James G.

"First, I want to thank Chelsey for the session. I didn't realize at the time or for that matter till just the last couple of days, that we released all that fear I'd dealt with for most of my life. I am humbled and grateful beyond words. 

Suffice to say, Chelsey helped me through one of the most difficult things burrowed deep in my unconscious that has cause me grief in one form or another almost my whole life!"


"Chelsey helped me feel so at ease during the EFT. The ringing of my ears has softened and I am able to lay the anxiety aside. Thank you Chelsey! God bless you!"

Patricia M.

"Chelsey is an amazing healer. In 2 sessions with her I achieved more than years of therapy!!!"

Matan C.

" Chelsey has an incredible heart, gentle soul, tons of wisdom, and wit for days! There’s a natural connection that comes with being a client of hers. I was at a point in my life here I had not dated in years. I was ready to try to date again and put myself out there, but there were a lot of road blocks from the past and previous traumatic relationships. My first session was one of the more incredibly powerful moments of my life. It was like taking a particularly traumatic moment in my past and taking away it’s power. 

The week following my first session with Chelsey, Ihad a coworker come up and comment on how calm I was. I had a very self-assured approach to things. It’s not that you’re having to “work hard” at being better, you just kinda feel like you are better.

During the time I’ve been seeing Chelsey I put myself on a dating website...and I met somebody....and he’s pretty fantastic! I’ve allowed myself to receive this love that I’m getting. It’s been just a few short months but I truly feel like I’m in a much better place. I’m more receptive to the good that has been waiting in the wings to come to me, and has probably been there for quite some time just waiting for me to be ready for it. I cannot recommend Chelsey enough, your life will change, I promise you! "

Senea C.

"We all have things inside us that need healing, especially when those things are holding us back from living the lives we want. That's what brought me to Chelsey, and i cannot say how thankful I am that I found her. 

She helped me identify and resolve certain issues, and i quickly saw the effects in my life. After a few sessions, I began responding to certain people or events from a healthier and stronger place, because our work had made me stronger. 

As a result, one of my relationships improved and I'm in the driver seat more with my life. I still see daily where I am stronger now as a direct result of working with Chelsey. I would recommend her to anyone. There is limitless potential to be found when we heal ourselves and our pasts.

Allison S. 

"Chelsey did a tremendous job helping me with a problem. I didn't feel rushed at all. She took the time to listen & help me work through my problem. She answered my questions and she gave me a tool I can use. I'd recommend Chelsey to anyone who needs healing. Thank you Chelsey!"


"Chelsey's intuitive skills never cease to amaze me. She truly has a gift for reading people and connecting with anyone around her. I sought Chelsey's service to help me with an issue I've had for more than 3 decades. Immediately after our session, I felt different. I felt like a load has been lifted off of me and I felt more positively about myself. I'm now excited to see where this deep healing is going to lead me next!

Katherine K. 

“We had such a fantastic session! Just being in her presence I felt very calm, she’s very easy to open up to and she listens. Her insights were so helpful, and she also showed me how to just listen to my intuition more. As a result of our session I have gained so much confidence!”

Kimberly V.

“I feel much more connected to my children, I feel much more happy and open. And I feel, really, like I’m moving forward in my life.”

Nicole L.

“I’ve actually been able to embrace the busy-ness of my days without feeling like I’m being pulled around by stress and anxiety.”

Lewis M.

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